House Remodeling Guide

The Pretty Porch


Porch is really the first welcoming place a person will see when he or she visits a home. To make a porch a comfortable and stylish looking space, the first thing to do is to paint the place a simple color. This could be white, yellow, beige, or anything neutral.

Choose nice furniture. Don’t be afraid to go for bold colors. If you refer to the picture above, it shows a porch with charming green chairs. Since you will be painting your porch a simple color, go bold with the color of your furniture.

To liven up the space, add beautiful flowers like roses, sunflowers, tulips, etc. Do not put so much, most porches have limited space. Remember, you would want to decorate this space with the thought that you will be spending time in it so make it as inviting as you can. Get rid of clutter since this will be the first place a guest will see when they visit your home.



How to Finance Remodeling

nullLacking the cash to remodel your house should not stop you from doing it. You can have a lot of financing options to consider. One of them is applying for a personal loan. Though this option is not really recommended, but if you think you can get the money to pay the amortization anyway, go for it. Just be careful in using this option.

Other ways of raising funds is through finding ways to get extra income. You can create small jewelry pieces or homemade handicrafts to sell. Or you can have garage sales or home product options. You can be very creative because nothing can beat the satisfaction and personal fulfillment in having a beautiful home through remodeling.

Stripped Off: Removing Old Wallpapers


Wallpapers get out of style, get discolored or are simply destroyed by pets, toddlers, leaks – and you just can’t “paste in” a similarly designed wallpaper. You’ll need to remove the wallpapers totally, repair the walls, then put on a new set (and style!) of wallpapers.

To effectively remove wallpapers, soaking it from the outside won’t help, since most wall paper surfaces are designed not to be penetrated by water. What you can do is to make shallow holes on the wallpaper surface to allow water to penetrate and soften the glue. The holes should not pierce the paper, but scratch it enough up to the glue layer. This is called scoring.


Architects Help Reduce Stress when Planning on Renovating

Architects can give homeowners ideas on what to expect beginning day one of their remodeling project. They review the things that can go wrong during the process and can suggest how problems might be resolved. They can review construction as it progresses, provide status reports and suggestions for dealing with unforeseen situations. The owner is responsible for evaluating the construction and making decisions, but having an architect is having a trained eye regularly checking for adherence to the contract. He is able to make informed decisions regarding the impact of changes, and will present them to the owner for a final decision.

Kitchen Flooring


There are a lot kitchen flooring materials to choose from, you can use vinyl in sheet or tiles, ceramic tile, wood floors and the new laminates. So far, ceramic tiles are chosen a lot for homes in the West and South. Wood floors on the other hand are quite popular in the East and Midwest. Vinyl floors are the all-time favorite in all parts of the country and laminates are gaining reputation already. Remember that light or neutral tones emphasize the impression of light and space and darker shades give you a warm and intimate vibe. You can also use different flooring on the kitchen; it does not have to match the whole house.

Garage – your car’s room


Garages are for vehicles. But most households use the garage as storage space, and their cars have to be moved out to the drive way, or worse, the side walk.

The first thing to do is to identify which items should not be in the garage. Some old items can be sold to the junk shop, others can be repaired and reused within the house, others can be repaired and sold as second hand items during a garage sale, and the rest may be thrown out. Cabinets and shelves may be installed to save space, and to have items organized, so it would be easy to store and locate.

Check out this site for details.

DIY Painting

You’ve chosen the shades and bought the paint. Your best buds are coming over for the weekend to help you repaint your room, and you’ve made sure there are plenty of food and drinks to go around. What do you do next?

1.First, of course, is buying the right tools. Choose the best brushes and rollers that works for you.
2.Prepare the area – make sure the room is well-ventilated if you don’t want the fumes going to your head. Remove all decorations, fixtures, etc. hanging from the walls and the ceiling.
3.Protect your furnitures – move all furniture away from the walls. For those that can’t be moved, cover them with plastic sheets or drop cloths. Don’t forget to cover light switches and the floor with plastic and drop cloths as well.
4.Clean and repair the surfaces to be painted – remove old paint, wash the walls and patch the holes.
5.Apply a primer – applying primer seals the surface and helps the paint cover the surface more evenly.

Now that you’re all set, good luck on your project!

Before you remodel . . .


Ask yourself if it is better to buy a new house than spend on renovations in an old house. Is the kind of neighborhood you are in worth all the effort? Normally, upscale neighborhoods are absolutely worth it. Renovations on properties near the business district of an area are definitely a go especially if you also have an entrepreneurial spirit. Decide on the kind of remodeling you want done. Do you intend a total house renovation or do you want to renovate only the kitchen or only the bathroom or just the kitchen or the den? Draw up your renovation plan. Get someone who knows how to draw the exact way you want the renovations to turn out, how the finished product should look like. You can also get fresh ideas from an existing design or give it a twist to suit your taste.Remember, renovations could mean a higher valuation on your property should you decide to sell it in the future. Select your contractor.

Renovating Old Home

It is the new year and now is the exact time to create the home that you have always wanted. This of course, granted if you are financially and mentally stable for the change. So if you are ready, here are some things that can help you while you are in the process of renovating your home.

- If the budget is limited, start slow. One room at a time is good. Go with the room that needs the most renovation.

- Before pushing through with the project, make sure that you consult people. Call as many contractor as you can and pick the one you feel that you can trust your home with. Ask for a recommendation too.

- When you’ve chosen your contractor, set rules about what you allow to be done in the house.

- Get every little detail of the home renovation in writing from the contractor up front, before you commit to anything. Do not make any assumptions. If you have a question, ALWAYS ASK and clear every issue in your head.


Screen Windows


Open windows take in fresh air and sunshine. But it also invites insects and dust. To enjoy both the fresh air and sunshine without the pests, install screens on your windows.

Depending on your location, decide which screen material to use. If you are near the beach, plastic screens would be better since metal screens rust faster with air coming from the sea. Take measurements, then depending on your window type, choose an appropriate frame size and material. It would be a good idea to have a removable screen along with the frame to make cleaning and repair easier.

Check this website for more info on window screens.