House Remodeling Guide

Garage – your car’s room


Garages are for vehicles. But most households use the garage as storage space, and their cars have to be moved out to the drive way, or worse, the side walk.

The first thing to do is to identify which items should not be in the garage. Some old items can be sold to the junk shop, others can be repaired and reused within the house, others can be repaired and sold as second hand items during a garage sale, and the rest may be thrown out. Cabinets and shelves may be installed to save space, and to have items organized, so it would be easy to store and locate.

Check out this site for details.

DIY Painting

You’ve chosen the shades and bought the paint. Your best buds are coming over for the weekend to help you repaint your room, and you’ve made sure there are plenty of food and drinks to go around. What do you do next?

1.First, of course, is buying the right tools. Choose the best brushes and rollers that works for you.
2.Prepare the area – make sure the room is well-ventilated if you don’t want the fumes going to your head. Remove all decorations, fixtures, etc. hanging from the walls and the ceiling.
3.Protect your furnitures – move all furniture away from the walls. For those that can’t be moved, cover them with plastic sheets or drop cloths. Don’t forget to cover light switches and the floor with plastic and drop cloths as well.
4.Clean and repair the surfaces to be painted – remove old paint, wash the walls and patch the holes.
5.Apply a primer – applying primer seals the surface and helps the paint cover the surface more evenly.

Now that you’re all set, good luck on your project!

Before you remodel . . .


Ask yourself if it is better to buy a new house than spend on renovations in an old house. Is the kind of neighborhood you are in worth all the effort? Normally, upscale neighborhoods are absolutely worth it. Renovations on properties near the business district of an area are definitely a go especially if you also have an entrepreneurial spirit. Decide on the kind of remodeling you want done. Do you intend a total house renovation or do you want to renovate only the kitchen or only the bathroom or just the kitchen or the den? Draw up your renovation plan. Get someone who knows how to draw the exact way you want the renovations to turn out, how the finished product should look like. You can also get fresh ideas from an existing design or give it a twist to suit your taste.Remember, renovations could mean a higher valuation on your property should you decide to sell it in the future. Select your contractor.

Renovating Old Home

It is the new year and now is the exact time to create the home that you have always wanted. This of course, granted if you are financially and mentally stable for the change. So if you are ready, here are some things that can help you while you are in the process of renovating your home.

- If the budget is limited, start slow. One room at a time is good. Go with the room that needs the most renovation.

- Before pushing through with the project, make sure that you consult people. Call as many contractor as you can and pick the one you feel that you can trust your home with. Ask for a recommendation too.

- When you’ve chosen your contractor, set rules about what you allow to be done in the house.

- Get every little detail of the home renovation in writing from the contractor up front, before you commit to anything. Do not make any assumptions. If you have a question, ALWAYS ASK and clear every issue in your head.


Screen Windows


Open windows take in fresh air and sunshine. But it also invites insects and dust. To enjoy both the fresh air and sunshine without the pests, install screens on your windows.

Depending on your location, decide which screen material to use. If you are near the beach, plastic screens would be better since metal screens rust faster with air coming from the sea. Take measurements, then depending on your window type, choose an appropriate frame size and material. It would be a good idea to have a removable screen along with the frame to make cleaning and repair easier.

Check this website for more info on window screens.

Bedroom Remodel

Your bedroom is your private world. It is where you must truly relax and be yourself. It is where you rest and recoup your lost energy. That is why it is essential that you have to remodel your bedroom to make it a very comfortable and welcoming place.

Before you do that, you should first research the different colors that will suit you. Another thing about colors is that it usually affects a person’s mood. If you want a color that is soothing to the senses and gives you a feeling of calmness, then go for pastel colors. In addition, make your lighting a little soft and diffused. As much as possible, avoid harsh light that hurts the eyes.

Skylight Overview


With soaring electricity prices in most countries, energy conservation is encouraged. One way to conserve energy is to maximize the use of natural light in our homes, and minimize the use of light bulbs or lamps especially during day time. This is where skylights help. Skylights are like window panels installed on the roof to allow natural light (light from the sun) to penetrate the roof and illuminate the rooms inside the house. These are especially useful for houses that have minimal windows, houses with very high ceilings, or large houses where some sections of the house have no windows.

Install Outdoor Lightings

nullWhen remodeling your house, you should also consider the installation of outdoor lightings. It does not only provide security for your house and your family, but it also enhances the aesthetic effect of your home. It is a fantastic way to illuminate your yard and give the illusion of a wider space. It also encourages family activities such as outdoor games and barbecues.

In planning for your outdoor lighting layout, you should incorporate different types of lights such as step lights, flood lights, landscape lights or decorative lanterns, and security lights. You should also plan for allowances or provisions for seasonal lightings (such as Christmas lights).

Remodel With Green Intentions

If you happen to be thinking of what possible ways you can do to help make your home better, think of how you can also help the world in the process. Green ideas to help preserve the environment is a good way to go. There are a lot of things to do, ranging from energy consumption and unique eco-friendly designs that most people place on the table.

There are a lot of them out there and each caters to certain classes. They may not be the best things in mind but with so many of these eco-friendly home ideas thrown around, you are bound to get one that makes it ideal for your home.

DIY Guides–Flooring

We have always been impressed with the great floors of old houses. Nowadays a lot of these flooring materials which our ancestors loved, and which we admired, are readily available, as in previous years, like chestnut flooring, wide-plank flooring, heart-pine floors and many other traditional and exotic traditional materials.

There are lots of suppliers available for getting your flooring needs. Search the internet, ask your friends and colleagues what their experience were, and once you have determined what you really want, you could even ask for samples or visit your nearest supplier.

Assess yourself–am I ready for these DIY activities? If not, might as well leave the work to the professionals, might cost more, but in the long run, you would be covered with warranties in case the work did not turn out to be done well. Also, since professionals do the work, the work could be done with easy and at the fastest time possible.