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Project Nursery

So many new parents worry about making the perfect nursery room for their new born babies. It is understandable, especially if they have no experience ever decorating a room or even taking care of an unbelievable tiny creature. If you find yourself in the same situation, do not worry. This article will be a short guide on how to effectively decorate a nursery room that your baby will appreciate (when they’re old enough to realize your creativity, through photos)

First thing to remember is this should be a fun experience. When doing the planning, first thing to do is to childproof the room. Safety is necessary. If you have limited budget, prioritize the more important furniture to buy. These are the things that would make your life easier, like a crib, a comfortable chair or couch that you will use when watching over the baby, changing table, and cabinets or shelves. These are the essentials. If after shopping for all of these you have more money left, that’s when you can get the other less important stuff.

Decorating a nursery is fairly easy. Most decors should be hung up because you would want all of it to be out of reach. Throw in a lot of color, put toys in shelves where it can be seen. Toys can be the cheapest displays.


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