House Remodeling Guide

The Pretty Porch


Porch is really the first welcoming place a person will see when he or she visits a home. To make a porch a comfortable and stylish looking space, the first thing to do is to paint the place a simple color. This could be white, yellow, beige, or anything neutral.

Choose nice furniture. Don’t be afraid to go for bold colors. If you refer to the picture above, it shows a porch with charming green chairs. Since you will be painting your porch a simple color, go bold with the color of your furniture.

To liven up the space, add beautiful flowers like roses, sunflowers, tulips, etc. Do not put so much, most porches have limited space. Remember, you would want to decorate this space with the thought that you will be spending time in it so make it as inviting as you can. Get rid of clutter since this will be the first place a guest will see when they visit your home.



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